Cycle To Work Scheme

The Cycle To Work Scheme is a UK Government sponsored programme to help everyone get the maximum benefit from cycling to work!

Buy a new bicycle and cycle to work!

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Cycle To Work Scheme
Cycle To Work On Your Bike!

Welcome to – your source for all the info on the Cycle To Work Scheme. Cycling is a great way to keep fit and with the Cycle to work scheme you can get your hands on a brand new bike from scores of partner retailers. Commuting to work will never be the same.

Forget stressful traffic jams and angry drivers, and arrive to work fresh from a morning cycle ready for the day. We bring you a fantastic selection of high quality bikes of all shapes and sizes. All types of bikes are available and every budget is accommodated.

I love taking my bike to work. Cycling makes me feel great when I arrive at the office and the Cycle To Work Scheme made it all possible!
Jonathan Hamilton
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About The Cycle To Work Scheme

The Cycle to work scheme is a fantastic way to incorporate fitness into your daily life at an attractive cost. Commuting to work via bicycle will leave you refreshed and healthy, beneficial for yourself and your employer. The scheme offers an affordable, way for companies to provide their employees with the means to make this happen.

Once your employer has entered into the Cycle To Work Sheme, the process for getting into the saddle is simple and quick:

Step One: - First things first, a bike and any safety equipment must be purchased. View the excellent range of bikes we have available or take a look at our recommended bicycle retails.

Step Two: - Once your new bike has been purchased, a Cycle Scheme certificate needs to be applied for. This can be done online and requires the employers Cycle Scheme number.

Step Three: - Armed with your cerfiticiate, you can then have your employer pay the full retail value for your bike and accessories.

The Cycle To Work Scheme allowed me to purchase a brand new bicycle with the help of my employer. Now I find myself cycling everywhere!
Emma Hartley
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Buying Bicycles

Whilst your new found freedom brought about by cycling to and from work is understandably exciting, the process of picking out a brand new bike can often be almost as fun.

Any bike is eligible for the cycle to work scheme including specialist bikes and foldable bikes.

Road bikes - perfect for the cyclist who will be sticking to the roads and wants good performance to match the physical effort that is put in.
Mountain bikes - do you have a somewhat adventurous streak or simply confronted by a rocky terrain on your local roads. Mountain bikes are designed to comfortably handle the most challenging terrains. Consider a mountain bike with front suspension for a practical solution.

  • Mountain Bikes
  • Road Bikes
  • Specialist Bikes
folding bicycles are more popular
Cycling Is Good For You

It is a given that cycling to work will make you fitter, feel better and supercharge your productivity in the workplace - a benefit not just for yourself, but also your employer. But there's a lot more to cycling than meets the eye, so next time you're speeding past the rush hour traffic jam on your way to work, bare in mind the many health benefits cycling to work can bring.

Cycling boosts your immune system
Regular moderate activity, such as cycling, strengthens your immune system and increases activity against cold, flu's and illness.

Cycling strengthens your muscles
We have hundreds of muscles yet if we don't use them regularly our strength depletes. Did you know a week of entire inactivity reduces the strength of our muscles by 30%? However the process of cycling exercises the major muscle groups all over our bodies, so riding your bike to work helps your muscles!

Cycling reduces arthritis
Cycling is one of the few exercises that can reduce arthritis. The circular motion assists with the transportation of energy and metabolic produces to the cartilage, and the lack of bodyweight forces (such as jogging, where we are constantly pounding the ground) adds protection.

Cycling and bike riding is very good for you!

Cycling to work is good for you